Designer Application

Ariel Brands' Artist Marketplace offers artists an easy, no-hassle opportunity to sell their designs directly to our fans and customers.  

Commissions are guaranteed for the lifetime that a product is available for sale in our online store. In addition to paying artists a commission, we also will provide all manufacturing, promotion, customer service, fulfillment, e-commerce management, and marketing support. 


How it works?

1. Commissions

Net commission refers to all profit minus the cost of manufacturing, shipping, handling, and other costs associated with the production and marketing of artist’s products. We will provide 50% net commission to artists bimonthly (every two months). 

2. Product Guidelines and License Use 

You may select the following items to design and sell in the online store: 

 T-shirts, hoodies, hats, phone cases, mugs, stickers, buttons, posters, iPad cases, and skateboard decks. 

3. Production Schedule

We will provide you with our 2014-2015 production design schedule and guidelines in advance. All submitted artwork will be approved by an Ariel Brands representative before it is available for sale to ensure quality and brand integrity. We reserve the right to take down and remove products without notice. 


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